Solar PV based Level 2 Charging Station

Abstract: Charging systems and charging infrastructure are key components in the development and the introduction of xEV in India. Charging of xEV in peak hours will increase the burden on the distribution network, which will result in the harmonic pollution and even the overload of the power distribution grid system. In the ongoing product development, solar PV modules are used as an alternative source of power for the xEV fleet charging infrastructure.

The feasibility study was performed for analyzing the optimum integration of solar PV generation into charging station. The prototype models being developed consists of stand alone charging and grid interactive charging options.

Reference standards:            

  1. UL 2593
  2. UL 2202
  3. UL 2231-1
  4. UL 2231-2
  5. CSA C22.2 no. 107.1
  6. IEC 61851
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  8. IEC 61009-1
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  10. SAE J2293/1
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