Development of power electronic controller for vehicle to home (V2H) applications

Abstract: In developing and underdeveloped countries, electric power generation is always not as much as the energy demand. With no or incorrect peak load controlling schemes, load shedding is very common. Regular power outage for hours creates the demand for residential microgrid and the need of home-based standby power supply. Electric vehicle batteries have massive energy storage capacity and can potentially utilize also as backup power supply for home loads during load shedding or blackout. Additionally, solar energy can be utilized to charge plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs) to further enhance the backup power for home loads to turn it to a residential microgrid. In this work, a fuzzy logic inference system is utilized for efficient power management and utilization of V2H. It imitates the decision-making process of charging/discharging of the PEV battery through priority decision making of power management and emergency backup power supply of a typical home in developing countries like India.

The detailed block diagram of V2H system



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