H2N-Human to Nanogrid xEVs Charging

Human power is not the most efficient source in terms of life cycle cost. In regions where electric power is either not available or not affordable, human power has promising applications. In all the attempts made at harnessing the human power up till now only aerobic machines were utilized. In the ongoing work a unique strategy has been patented to generate human power to provide emergency power for charging xEVs. It is therefore, object of this work is to develop cheap, compact, environment friendly, state of the art and economically viable infrastructure of Human to Nanogrid (H2N) back up power system scheme.

Reference Patent:

  1. Y. Rafat, M.S. Alam “Human to Nanogrid (H2N) Backup Power System ," Patent Published in India, Patent Application # 34600/DEL/2015

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