Road to Vehicle Dynamic Charging

Abstract: HR-WPT and HR-MPT are the two major milestone that have been accomplished successfully in field of wireless power transfer incorporating various MPPT techniques. In 2007 MIT successfully lightened up a 100 W bulb wirelessly over a distance of 200 cm via resonance circuits subsuming very high quality factor. The systems has now been especially designed and modified to meet the requisites of electric, plug in hybrid electric vehicle charging. The crucial factor determining the efficiency of wirelessly power transfer in turn depends on how perfectly the matching networks are tuned. Dynamic wireless power transfer scheme has further scope of improvements via a flexible power receiver which aligns itself in accordance with set protocol, incorporation of a 4tier highly systematic national level data acquisition system in agreement with battery enhancement algorithms.

The vision is to integrate this technology into xEVs charging in India. The result is a solution that enhances reliability, efficiency, anti-theft, quality and sustainability for xEVs for charging infrastructure, thus making the travel fast, reliable, safe, pollution free and energy efficient.


  1. J2847/6
  2. J2931/6


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