HDEV-Heavy Duty Electric Vehicle-Bus

Abstract: Electric busses or trucks are heavy duty vehicles utilised comprehensively for cargo transportation as well as mass passenger transportation over long and short routes as well. The heavy duty EV are prevalent in the developed countries owing to their low emissions and greater number of miles per charge. The battery packs are heavy and their capacities vary between 210 kWh to even greater than 400 kWh. The battery swapping stations utilise the sideways swapping mechanism for the electric buses. These buses are similar in design to the conventional buses, the only difference lies in the way in which the drivetrain is powered.

Reference Standards:

  1. J 537 (RIP)
  2. J1715/2 (WIP)
  3. J 1766 (RIP)
  4. J 1797
  5. J 2288
  6. J 2289
  7. J 2380
  8. J 2929 (RIP)
  9. J 2936 (WIP)
  10. J 2946 (WIP)
  11. J 2974 (WIP)
  12. J 2981 (WIP)
  13. J 2983 (WIP)
  14. J 2984 (WIP)
  15. J 3004 (WIP)
  16. J 3097 (WIP)
  17. J 3012 (WIP)


The project expects to deliver high standard swapping stations for HDEV’s throughout the nation. The prototypes will be developed, tested and then expanding the technology to aid the National Electric Mobility Mission 2020 and FAME India mission.


Thanks for your interest. Detailed compilation is in progress. Please check back soon or contact us for the details.