Centre of Exellence For Charging Infrastructure
Centre of Advanced Research in Electrified Transportation
Under FAME INDIA Mission.
Supported By
Department of Heavy Industry (DHI), Government of India
Aligarh Muslim University.


🚗Previous Projects Expertise
🚗xEVs Design and Prototype Development
🚗G2V and V2G Charging Schemes
🚗Combo AC/DC xEV Charging Station
🚗Wireless xEV Charging Station
🚗Solar PV Based Level 2 Charging Station
🚗xEVs Battery Swapping Station
🚗Smart Home
🚗Charging through Drive
🚗xEVs Smart Charging Strategies
🚗V2I- Vehicle to Infrastructure xEVs Smart Drive
🚗Smart Phones Applications For Real Time Fleet To Charging Infrastructure Communications
🚗Microgrids and Smartgrids for xEV Charging
🚗High Voltage xEVs Energy Storage
🚗Electrified Powertrain Components
🚗Rotary Engines
🚗FCV Hydrogen Refueling System
🚗Projects in Pipeline



🚗Road to Electric, Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (xEVs) Dynamic Wireless Charging Misalignment Reduction by Multi-Coil Receiver System,
🚗Cloud Based Management System of Hyperglycaemic Disorders of Pregnancy,
🚗Electric, Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (xEVs) Wireless Charging Infrastructure Management,
🚗Electric, Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle’s (xEVs) Battery Swapping Management,
🚗Big Data to Electric, Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle’s (xEVs) Knowledge Base Management System,
🚗Time Constrained Microgrid to Electric, Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (xEVs) Charging Management System,
🚗Vehicle to Cloud (V2C) remote management of Electric, Hybrid and Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle Charging,
🚗Hybrid and Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle Charging
🚗Human to Nanogrid (H2N) Backup Power System
🚗Vehicle to Home (V2H) Backup Power System during Load Shedding
🚗Six-phase induction motor based compressors and submersible pump systems
🚗Manual and solar PV based hybrid electric power generation systems
🚗System and method for power system collapse mitigation by transmission line resistance control
🚗A new dc-to-ac controlled rectifier
🚗Drag reduction method and system in fluid
🚗A dc-to-ac grid interactive inverter using discontinuous phase controlled switching
🚗A static VAR controller circuit using discontinuous phase controlled switching
🚗A Buck-Boost Ac Regulator
🚗An analog MPPT for maximum power generation from solar PV cell



Goals & Objectives

🚗 To reduce the dependency of India on foreign imported crude oil.

🚗 To make a Zero-Carbon future through intelligent integration of vehicles, electricity, free renewable energy and market opportunities.

🚗 To help in formulating a road map for the Government of India for a new paradigm in electrified road transportation.

🚗 Help Government of India in realising Faster Adoption and Manufacturing of Hybrid and Electric Vehicles in India.

🚗To become a hub for the Government of India for R&D projects in creation of public charging infrastructure and pilot projects.

🚗 To serve as a research centre for industry oriented development in the field of electric transportation.


To establish an internationally acclaimed autonomous centre of advanced research in the field of Electric Mobility under the Government of India, in collaboration with the automotive industry and acclaimed academic institutes, to promote, expedite and achieve FAME INDIA Mission.




🚗 To build a complete infrastructure for electric mobility right from the level of micro grids/ smart grid based charging infrastructure to a centre for novel researches in the domain of electric vehicles (xEVs).

🚗 To invent, design and implement a feasible, sustainable and reliable electric mobility infrastructure customized for Indian scenario.

🚗 To develop a smart charging infrastructure for xEVs with state-of-the-art technologies customized for Indian scenario

🚗 To provide a sustainable, innovative, economical, reliable and optimized commercial and residential charging stations for xEVs.

🚗 To provide research infrastructure for development, demonstration and testing of integrated energy storage systems for xEVs 

🚗 Establish battery swapping stations station to provide the consumers with Electric Fuel Pump concept.

🚗To provide the consumers smart devices based charging strategies to minimize time and optimize load on the gird.

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